INFANT CARE (12 Weeks – 18 Months)

Our infant program provides an “enriching” environment designed to enhance each baby’s development while allowing him or her to explore and learn by providing a variety of materials and activities that reflect the developmental progress and stage of each child. 

Infants also develop and thrive best when given a “nurturing, loving and responsive” environment. 

Our classroom maintains a safe “home away from home,” where each teacher has genuine love and concern for every child. 

In addition, we offer a “respectful learning” environment by being flexible and sensitive to each of the children’s needs and tolerance levels. We realize we must follow the children’s cues.  Infants have very individualized schedules.  Therefore, we plan our curriculum around each child’s routine.                                 


Additional Classroom Information

Language & Communication

Teachers will sing songs, play games and expose babies to variety of books. The infant classroom is a language-rich environment as teachers seize teachable moments to talk to each baby throughout the day. Teachers also use baby sign to help young infants learn to communicate their needs.

Cognitive Development

Our stimulating classroom is filled with toys that shake, rattle, and roll. The toys, soft play mats, pictures and bin full of books all encourage the babies to explore and discover the world around them. Teachers work closely to engage children in simple games that teach prediction skills and an understanding of cause and effect.

Social & Emotional Development

Throughout the day there are countless opportunities for teachers to help babies feel safe and secure, through cuddles and nurturing exchanges. They are inclusive of family wishes, needs, and cultures.

Motor Development

Babies are working on new motor skills every day. Our infant rooms are filled with equipment to facilitate motor development, and our teachers are talented at helping infants meet their next stage of motor development. Teachers are hands on all throughout the day, helping with tummy time, encouraging exploration and supporting baby growth!

Creative Development

Our teachers are gifted at exposing babies to a number of art forms including finger-painted works of art, fun sensory activities and lots of music and movement with many types of musical instruments.

Outdoor Time

Using our large strollers, teachers take the babies outside whenever weather permits. They go on short walks and visit the playground where they can often swing and watch other children playing.


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