PRE-K (3.5 Years – 5 Years)

The curriculum in our Pre-K class is greatly focused on sending well-rounded, independent children to kindergarten, making sure each child feels not only cognitively ready, but also emotionally and socially prepared for the exciting challenges kindergarten will bring.  

Once children begin attending our Pre-K classroom they will start using the Everyday Math Preschool Curriculum. We have adopted this math curriculum for a couple of reasons.  First, it is the math program York public schools use so it will help the children become acclimated with the ideas and principals incorporated with the Everyday Math system. The second reason is because it is really a fantastic, developmentally appropriate math curriculum with clear learning objectives and hands on activities allowing children to explore math in fun and creative ways.  Math concepts explored include shapes, position and special awareness, graphing, measurement, operations and patterns and sorting.

Along with the Everyday Math curriculum, children will be learning and reviewing two letters per month and working on monthly themes where they can incorporate, science, writing and pre-reading skills.  The children will also be taking part in sensory activities, music, cooking, and activities that promote health, safety and nutrition; reinforcing learning objectives they are being taught.

We understand that preschool is a time of great social-emotional growth.  The children will participate in activities where they have plenty of opportunities to work together building positive relationships with their peers. At four years old children begin building deeper, longer lasting friendships. However, there will most likely be some disagreements providing opportunities for children to learn important life skills such as compromise, empathy, patience, friendship and tolerance, thus increasing their self-esteem and helping them to feel empowered.

The last year of preschool is exciting for not only the children but for the teachers as well.  Sending well-rounded, happy children off to kindergarten is our focus and we cannot wait to get started!

Additional Classroom Information


Each child will have their own personal binder that can be used by the teachers and parents. Throughout the year we will be collecting your child’s art work and activities documenting their growth. There will be a section for journal entries communicating special events, stories and developmental and emotional milestones reached during the year. Parents are encouraged to look through these binders or even take them home to look at and bring back.

Daily Communication

As many of you know, pick up and drop off times can be quite hectic and is often not a good time to chat for more than a minute or so. We strive to keep the children’s learning and wellbeing our top priority and it is hard to successfully manage a classroom full of children and hold a lengthy conversation at the same time. If you have a concern or question that may take up more than a few minutes of time, feel free to e-mail the preschool teachers at prekroom.all@gmail.com. They can return emails at naptime on most days. Parents are always welcome to call if they would like to check in on a child who may have had a hard morning at home or at drop off.

Communication Board

There is a communication board in the entry way on the wall between the cubbies. The teachers will use this to keep you updated on important events and reminders having to do with the classroom and/or school.

Weekly Activity Board & Domain Chart

Each week the teachers fill out an activity domain chart. The chart is located on the door. The domain chart is a chart that shows you how the activities that the children do during the week encourage learning skill in eight different learning domains including sensory, language & literacy, gross and fine motor, math, science, social studies, art, and music. This is also a great way to keep informed of the activities the children are working on and use as conversation starters when asking the children about their day!


Each child has their own cubby and coat hook which are labeled with their names. Their bedding and extra clothes can be kept in their cubby. There are a lot of children so we ask that you please bring in small back packs so that there is enough room for all the children to hang their belongings. Each child has their own mailbox where we put any work your child did during the day, along with any other information we send to you from the school. Please check your child’s mailbox on daily basis.

Extra Clothing

Each child must have a complete set of clothes at all times in their cubby inclusive of underwear and socks! This is very important as accidents do occur, and you never know when your child may need a spare item. We also ask that each child bring in a pair of slippers that they can use as desired and if their shoes become soiled.

Lunch/Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are kept on the kitchen counter. We ask that you include an ice pack in their lunch box. The refrigerator is for snack items and is not big enough to accommodate everyone’s lunch boxes. Please pack a variety of healthy food items for your child to choose from each day. We ask that you save sugary items for special occasions only. WE DO ALLOW HEAT-UPS!

Monthly Newsletters

At the beginning of each month you will receive a monthly newsletter from Miss Jaimee including happenings in the school, as well as a monthly email from your child’s teachers highlighting the month in your child’s classroom. The monthly newsletter and emails will keep you up to date on the current happenings in our classroom, monthly themes, and curriculum and give you information about any special events that are going on our class and throughout the school.

Developmental Assessments

Progress reports are completed in October, February and May. There will be opportunities for parents to meet with the teachers after the assessments as well as needed or desired throughout the year.


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